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6.  APeX and “Super-Bugs”  
     A War We CAN Win
     Superbugs in Our Food Supply
     Who’s Fighting Superbugs?
7.  Fad Therapies and Diets       
      Is Acid or Alkaline Diet Better?
      Can Nutrition Beat Cancer?
      APeX Detox
8.  Battles of the APeX War      

     Oregon State Department of Justice
      A Forbidden Truth
      APeX/Big Pharma “Moon Shot Shoot-Out”
9. The APeX Story–Radio Interview   

10. A Remarkable Journey                    
11. Dr. Jane Goldberg Speaks            
12. Bill Chastain Bio    

​​APeX Global  Ministries - Hope and Care for Those in Need

​​Amazing true story of continuing struggles, death threats, formal investigations, and hard won victories  over adversity and disease, including actual case histories written by board certified medical doctors. 

1. Where in Hell is it?                       
     Money for Nothing
     Failed Cancer Research Paradigm
     Running on Empty
2.  Why Big Pharma Has No  Cure           
     Rejecting Revolutionary Thought
     Common Sense Research
     APeX–Translational Observation
3. No Room for Rogue Research                   The Lack of Oxygen Drives Disease
     Hypoxia and Cancer
     Are Blueberries Killing Us?
4. Nano-Science 101                                      
      Silver Nano Particles (AgNP)
      Anti-Tumor Activity of AgNP
      Anti-Angiogenesis Effects of AgNP
5. Amazing Science of APeX                             What is  the APeX Revolution?
      APeX  University Lab Tests In Vitro
      Typical APeX Case Studies