APeX Cancer Research  - Direct Oxygen Infusion Protocol 

​​​​​APeX Institute would like to thank Dr. Schwartz for his very insightful presentation. However, we would like to clarify several comments.

APeX was not discovered by a German scientist, but by an American, William D Branson, Sr. and perfected by his equally gifted son, William D  Branson, Jr.

APeX shares no chemical or physical properties with Tetra Silver Tetroxide, nor with any nano-silver solution. It is scientifically classified as consisting of Autonomous Silver-Oxygen Nano-Clusters that actively seek out hypoxic conditions in the cancer and disease micro-environment and directly infuse that hypoxic environment with active oxygen molecules, relieving the toxic condition.

​​In 2008,  Dr. Alan Schwartz, MD, began informal studies at his Beverly Hills Holistic Medical Clinic testing APeX against a variety of cancers. The remarkable results achieved during his study encouraged Dr. Schwartz to present his findings to the 2010 Cancer Control Convention in Southern California.  Here is his edited presentation.