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 The deadly Coronavirus has the entire globe literally in a death's grip of fear - and for good reason. There is no "vaccine" now, and none in the drug cartel pipeline, and, unfortunately, the disease spreads easily from person to person. A global epidemic is, figuratively, only a sneeze away.

But, just as with MERSA, SARS, Bird Flu,  and other very difficult diseases, APeX Direct Oxygen Infusion Protocol, given the opportunity, should once again pove its effectiveness.

Now, because of the highly contagious nature of Coronavirus pathogens, we not only recommend APeX to be taken orally (Directions come with each 4 Ounce bottle), but we are introducing an exciting new protocol that can stop Coronavirus dead in its tracks - a fine mist aerial spray that kills the virus immediately on contact whether it is on a doorknob, airplane seat tray, bathroom fixture, or minute viral particles trying to leak in to or out of a face mask - APeX Mist is your absolute best insurance against randomly becoming infected.

Introducing the APeX Coronavirus  Misting Solution - four ounces of APeX Concntrate. Each $60.50 four ounce bottle (Price includes $10.50 packing annd shipping) should last several months even if you are over zealous (a good thing) about spraying. Recommend moving quickly on these because, like face masks, because of the Coronavirus contagion we don't know how long we can keep them in stock. Price includes shipping.​​