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Clusters Shown with Red Blood Cells.


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       APeX Direct Oxygen Infusion Protocol was originally discovered by an   intuitive genius, a medical industry outsider, and perfected by his equally talented son. The basis for their amazing breakthrough is the valid hypothesis that the lack of oxygen, or hypoxia, is the key driver for the start and spread of many health issues.

           Their oxygen based research was unquestionably validated when drug manufacturing giant Merck  announced to the world that they would soon introduce a similar oxygen based (anti-hypoxia) drug to target cancer and other serious health issues. 

​        ​However, after ten years and $100 million, Merck was forced to admit defeat and abandon their efforts, "While we believe there is overwhelming  data to support the role of oxygen in effective and safe disease treatment, we have been deeply frustrated in our inability to reduce hypoxia at the disease cellular level in a meaningful way."  

           Below is Merck's web page that set the stage for an announcement that they would soon market a safe and effective oxygen Based Therapy for cancer. The drug failed Phase II Clinical Trial and was abandoned.

             Because of this failure, Merck is no longer pursuing an oxygen based cure for cancer, as a result, they removed  their website.                                                            



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