APeX Direct Oxygen Infusion Protocol 

​​​​​​​​​​​       Bill Chastain took early retirement from Boeing Aircraft Company, Seattle after a long and productive career as Senior Corporate Strategic Analyst and International Project Manager. In those positions, Bill helped develop Boeing company wide policies and strategic initiatives,  and was also Project Manager for design/build of two of Boeing's largest aircraft factories. Bill retired after completing his favorite project, the Boeing Japan Headquarter Complex in the center of Tokyo, Japan. His career is all the more interesting  since Bill never attended college or trade school.

​      After retiring, Bill started an aerospace consulting company in Portland, Oregon. It was during this time that he was introduced to a unique new disease therapy that eventually became APeX.

     While consulting at the local Boeing Factory, Bill was  introduced to a gentleman named Jim M. who had Stage 4 Lung Cancer and was given only months to live. Jim was (reluctantly) supplied with a small amount of the new therapy. Amazingly, after three months, Jim M.'s oncologist generated a formal medical report that Jim's cancer was completely resolved.

      After Jim's  fantastic journey, other folks came forward seeking help with their serious conditions. Most of them had the same level of success as Jim M. Soon afterward, Bill and his remarkable Japanese wife, Emi, decided to quit aerospace consulting in order to help those in need. That was eleven years ago....they founded APeX Institute . They have worked tirelessly to help all of those who come to them......often at their own expense.

                       A Remarkable Journey.....