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APeX Disease Research Institute - Direct Oxygen Infusion Protocol

​​​​​​​​​​On August 23, 2010, Scott Jordan of Spectrum Radio FM, Toronto, Canada, began to tape an interview with the American physicist who published the first ever formal scientific paper on the amazing power of APeX. When the interview began Jordan was at the radio station in Toronto, the scientist in his research institute in Aspen, Colorado, Chastain was in the APeX Institute office in Portland, Oregon.

Barely ten minutes into the two hour recording session, a stranger's voice broke in on the physicist's line, "Dr. , if you continue working with APeX, you will not live to see the end of the month!" Click..... Dial Tone........... The threatening call came from a Washington, DC  area code.

The scientist immediately went off line. His wife called and apologized, but the scientist wisely decided not to complete the interview. At his request, the scientist's portion of the interview was permanently erased  Not one to be deterred, Chastain decided to ad lib the remainder of the interview without the scientist.

Copy-paste this link into your browser, then left click on the small "start" arrow on the Spectrum Archive Page to hear the complete audio:

                       "APeX - Revolutionary Cancer Treatment"

              Interview by FM Spectrum Radio of Toronto, Canada