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    APeX for Your Pet

     K i K i- Our Very Happy and Healthy, Sheltie!

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DISCLAIMER: APeX has not been approved by the FDA for veterinary use. Information on this page is not 

to be construed as veterinary  advice, nor is it intended to steer anyone away from a qualified veterinarian.

 $50.00 plus $10.50 for USPS Priority Two Day Shipping - One Bottle is a 6 Month Supply in Spray Mode, 3 Months Supply in Water Dish Drop Mode.

     APeX Direct Spray Applicator

APeX Study Participants who have survived their own late stage cancer have shared numerous success stories of almost magical pet recoveries from a variety of cancer and other serious medical conditions. They simply added a tablespoon (30ml) of APeX concentrate (Straight from the regular four ounce or the new spray bottle) to their pet's water dish each day - as a Texas Rice Farmer did for his beloved Golden Retriever (Unsolicited graphic proof below - not retouched).  

For oozing, fur matting sores or minor wounds - full recovery in ten to fifteen days. Simply spritz the affected area with APeX spray several times a day and let it air dry.  (APeX gently soothes open sores and minor wounds.)

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