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APeX Disease Research Institute - Direct Oxygen Infusion Protocol


APeX Institute Press Release  for London Invitation.

                                           Oregon State Department of Justice

                                                Twelve Month Investigation

                                                               ( ODJ - CASE NO. XCT0030-11)

​On August 15th, 2011, due to a formal complaint against APeX Institute, the Oregon State Department of Justice began a formal investigation of APeX Global Disease Research Institute and Director Bill Chastain.  ​​After intense twelve month legal enquiries directed at the APeX Research Team and our  ICAM Study Volunteers, the DOJ returned a finding of no wrong doing,  giving us a clean bill of health - a victory for APeX Institute and for our many volunteers. 

                     Invitation to be Key Note Speakers at the prestigious International

                   Advanced Cancer Diagnostic and Therapy Congress in London.

Our presentation:               
​     ​Hypoxic Micro-Environments may be the Primary Driver of Uncontrollable Tumor Growth;   

1. Hypoxia induced changes in cancer cells can increase resistance to conventional therapies.   ​

2. With Hypoxia identified as a key driver for the growth and spread of cancer (Merck Drugs - 2011),  APeX Direct Cellular Oxygen Infusion appears to be an effective break-through therapy. 

3. APeX Autonomous Oxygen Delivery Nano-Clusters deliver active oxygen molecules directly into the cancer cells hypoxic micro-environment, dramatically reducing or eliminating the hypoxic condition in which cancer cells thrive.