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                              Another International Honor! 

​​​​ APeX Institute Researchers have been invited as Key Note  Speakers to present APeX Direct Cellular Oxygen Infusion Protocol to the prestigious 2018 International Conference  on Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment in Oslo, Norway!


                     Invitation to be Key Note Speakers at the prestigious International

                        Advanced Cancer Diagnostic and Therapy Congress in London.

Our presentation:               
​     ​Hypoxic Micro-Environments may be the Primary Driver of Uncontrollable Tumor Growth;   

1. Hypoxia induced changes in cancer cells can increase resistance to conventional therapies.   ​

2. With Hypoxia identified as a key driver for the growth and spread of cancer (Merck Drugs - 2011),  APeX Direct Cellular Oxygen Infusion appears to be an effective break-through therapy. 

3. APeX Autonomous Oxygen Delivery Nano-Clusters deliver active oxygen molecules directly into the cancer cells hypoxic micro-environment, dramatically reducing or eliminating the hypoxic condition in which cancer cells thrive.  

Bill Chastain, Founder - Director of APeX Disease Research Institute was recently awarded the
prestigious Oregon Medal by Oregon Secretary of State Dennis  Richardson for Humanitarian
work with Non-Profit APeX Global Disease Research Institute, Portland.

APeX Institute Press Release  for London Invitation.