In the "Gorilla Gym"

APeX Institute Director Bill Chastain during intense Mountain Bike training - one element of his APeX fueled Gorilla Workout - on his 77th  birthday. 


An ounce of APeX Workout Formula with Focused Oxygen Infusion Protocol added to a workout bottle is an amazing workout and performance enhancer that delivers elevated levels of Active Oxygen Molecules directly into muscle cells - where it's needed most.

​Focused Oxygen Infusion supercharges workouts like nothing else by  also reducing hypoxia (lack of oxygen) in and around muscle cells, eliminating muscle burn during work outs,  making for more robust routines and a super fast recovery, virtually eliminating next-day post-workout  muscle soreness.  

  The Fountain of Youth....

   Rapid Health Recovery,   

   Proven Anti-Aging!

Emi - Aerial With Out Limits

Several years ago, APeX Manager Emi Igarashi Chastain was in a hospital for six weeks on serious pain medication for two ruptured discs, unable to even get out of bed without help.

Emi had always been very active - Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, hiking- now we feared she might never even walk again.


When Emi was finally able to return home, she was able to walk - just barely. Her left leg was two thirds its normal size - and very weak.


But, she took her condition as a challenge and began intense workouts - pushing through pain and discomfort - and taking APeX Focused Oxygen Infusion as a "Food Supplement".


This picture shows Emi practicing  her AWOL - Aerial With Out Limits - routine - forty feet up with no safety net. She also climbs mountains, performs aerial pole routines, and dances with a semi-pro Flamenco Dance Troupe -

At age 42.

 APeX  Global Disease Research  Institute - Direct Oxygen Infusion