APeX Global  Ministries - Hope and Care for Those in Need

, A Sampling of APeX Institute Global Partners, Associates, and Friends 

​​1.  Lynnwood F. - Founder/CEO Xcell Securities and Xcell Hospital,   Lausanne, Switzerland.

Excell West Africa - Organizing Independent Artisinal Gold Miners. Processing 2.1 tons/month local gold into dory bars for final processing in Europe. 

Lynnwood has been designated as the overseer of one of the biggest and most ambitious endeavors in the history of Guinea - design/build of the facilities, infrastructure, and cultural amenities to satisfy national need in preparation of hosting the 2024 Soccer World Gold Cup Championship; Includes a huge power plant near Conakry to expand the national power grid, a major international airport, World Class Soccer Stadium with five additional stadium and local airports near each with connecting highways. Estimated budget - $2 Billion.

Lynnwood is also the point man for launching the first Xepa Mobile Children's Health Clinic  concept in Guinea in  cooperation with the Guinea government.    

2. Ron F. - Founder/Director of ODIM (Organization for Development of the Indigenous Maya) that was founded after the devastating hurricane in 2005 to provide food, shelter, and health care as a United States 501 (c) 3 non-profit. We plan to continue to work with Ron to establish XePA Mobile Children's Clinics in ODIM territory, then expand to greater Guatemala.

3.   James K. - Executive Organizer for Doctors With Out Borders in Johannesburg, South Africa, currently over-seeing field tests of breakthrough meds in South Africa and will be invited to help organize, define, and staff operations of XePA Mobile Children's Clinics in South Africa.

4.  Joe H. - Director,  Air Mobile Ministries, Titusville, FL, Another Non-Profit. Joe flies own airplane delivering hope, prayer, and portable solar powered water purifiers to international disaster stricken areas. 

          Please contact William Chastain via e-mail for more details:            wpchastain@gmail.com