There are currently 7,045 COVID-19 Cases in the Navajo Nation among a population of 157,000.  Early anecdotal tests indicate that APeX may help against the Corona Virus.

Many Navajo homes have no electricity or running water, meaning normal quarantine is very difficult. In addition, wide spacing of homes throughout the Nation means that many don't have easy access to effective healthcare.  

Navajo Elders were made aware of APeX and its potential value in their struggle against the COVID-19 pandemic and warmly welcomed us when we arrived by car from Portland with a supply of APeX samples to test .

We remained at the Nation for a week to help educate and to informally test APeX - "To Bee IInah"  - (Water of Life in Navajo) at no cost to the Nation. Funds are being organized to return to the Nation for further education and sampling. 

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Bill Chastain

  Navajo Flag Showing the Four Sacred  Mountains that Bracket Their Nation. ​

Typical Water Source for Navajo ​

Great Seal of the Navajo Nation ​

APeX Global  Ministries - Hope and Care for Those in Need

The Navajo Nation 

Navajo Elder Frederick White ​

  Sacred Window Rock  -  WWII              "Code Talker" in Lower Left