APeX is Proving it Can Help the Navajo Nation Fight

COVID-19, Malaria, and Other Serious Health Issues. 

                            WINDOW ROCK, ARIZONA 

    Spiritual and Government Center  of  the  NATION.   Statue of World War Two "Code Talker" in lower left. 

​​APeX Global  Ministries - Hope and Care for Those in Need

The NAVAJO NATION has about 180,000 residents spread out over an area  the size of West Virginia.  There are several population centers; Window Rock, Ship Rock, Gallup, Page (Lake Powell), and Tuba City, but most NAVAJO are scattered more or less randomly about within the Nation, accessible only by a network of dirt roads,  making it difficult to reach out to them. 

However, with over 9,000 cases of very contagious COVID-19 in the NATION,  our team is committed to do whatever is necessary to make sure that all COVID sufferers receive enough APeX to resolve their condition, and equally important, prevent its spread to others.  

Each COVID sufferer only needs about $20 worth of APeX.  To date, Bill Chastain and friends have been covering the cost of this critical program out of pocket, but as we extend our reach and expand our anti-COVID footprint, we need outside financial support.

We are now requesting that our APeX friends help us CURE THE NATION by clicking on the DONATE button below and making a tax deductible donation in any amount to non-profit APeX Global Ministries, official supplier of APeX to the Nation. 

The APeX Team and the soon to be healed NAVAJO NATION thank you!