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​​​                                       Typical APeX Case Studies
We are sometimes asked why we don't publish more anecdotal observations, or "Case Histories." As pointed out in my book, The APeX War, Dr. William Silverman supports the idea that a single positive response can validate a new therapy, “When streptomycin was first used to treat a series of patients with tuberculous infection of the meningeal membranes enveloping the brain the results were secure (since the premise, 'untreated patients die' was true). A single instance of survival was clear evidence of the effectiveness of the treatment since everything else remained constant over time.”

Over the past ten years we have supplied APeX at no cost to many of those who came to us seeking help. Initially, we were collecting anecdotal information and highly redacted formal medical records generated by board certified oncologists.

But, during a formal investigation, we have been clearly and firmly warned that presenting such medical information, although verifiable and admissible in a court of law as evidence, can be considered practicing medicine without a license. And, according to the FDA, any observation reported about the positive effect of APeX against a disease condition classifies it as a drug under Section 210(g)(1) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

For this very important reason, APeX Global Disease Research Institute can not present information or case histories of folks taking APeX. We recommend visiting with a fellow APeX traveler who might want to share their wonderful journey. Please contact me for possible contacts



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