APeX Global Institute currently has organized a critical strategic GuideStar Initiative for West Africa, www.xepa.org. Many children under the age of five in remote areas of West Africa die from curable diseases simply due to the lack of adequate health care and medicine. Often, these untreated diseases mutate and become drug resistant SuperBugs. WHO experts warn of a possible devastating global epidemic caused by untreatable Super-Bugs originating in West Africa.

      APeX Mobile Children's Clinics intends to slow or even stop this deadly cycle by reaching into the most remote areas and delivering APeX, conventional medicines, and portable solar powered fresh water systems with doctor staffed Mobile Children's Clinics. We have been invited to Guinea for real-time field test of this breakthrough life-saving mission.

Doctors Without Borders will be invited to staff XePA Full-service Mobile Children's Clinics. Click on the RED button to review this  Guidestar Initiative.

Please support this critical initiative mission by clicking on the DONATE button and making a tax deductible Guidestar donation. Each $5 buys life giving meds for one child.                       

APeX Global  Ministries - Hope and Care for Those in Need

    We are proud to announce that APeX Global Research Institute was 

           awarded the prestigious GuideStar Silver Seal of Excellence.

                                                                                                William Chastain Bio

           Bill Chastain was born in a coal mining camp in "Bloody" Harlan County, Kentucky, and raised in beautiful Waynesburg, Pennsylvania. At seventeen, he enlisted in the United States Air Force. Immediately after Basic Training he was sent to Drill Instructor Academy ,and became the youngest DI in the Air Force.

            After the Air Force, he took a job painting control panels in an electronics factory. With a natural talent for figuring out how complex things should work, and how to fix things that didn't, he was soon promoted to Field Engineer and was responsible for managing automation projects for steel mills and power plants across America. Bill had been stationed in the Pacific Northwest while in the Air Force, and decided to move to Washington State where he applied his skills to help improve the manufacture of forest products.
       He joined the Boeing Company and was quickly promoted to Senior Project Manager responsible for the design/build of Boeing's largest aircraft parts factories and Boeing Japan's Headquarters in Tokyo -  he was also promoted to Strategic Analyst at Boeing Corporate Headquaters - Bill's background is even more interesting because he never attended college.
        After retiring, Bill started "Spartan Consulting," an aerospace consulting company in Portland, Oregon, where, in 2008, the marvelous APeX journey began as presented in detail in Bill's hard-hitting Big Pharma expose, The APeX War