APeX Global Research  Institute Direct Oxygen Infusion Protocol

                       A Remarkable Journey.....

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​​​​​​​​​​​       Bill Chastain took early retirement from Boeing Aircraft Company, Seattle after a long and productive career as Senior Corporate Strategic Analyst and International Project Manager. While at Boeing, Bill helped develop Boeing Corporate wide policies and Strategic Initiatives,  and was Project Manager for design/build of two of Boeing's largest aircraft factories. Bill retired after completing his favorite project, the Boeing Japan Headquarters Complex in  Tokyo.   

​      After retirement, Bill started an aerospace consulting business in Portland, Oregon. During this time friends from Colorado introduced him to a unique new disease therapy (that eventually became APeX).

       While consulting at the local Boeing Factory, Bill was  introduced to a gentleman named Jim M, a Stage 4 Lung Cancer sufferer who was given only two months to live. Jim asked for and was (reluctantly) supplied with a small amount of APeX. Amazingly, after three months, Jim M.'s oncologist generated a formal medical report that Jim's cancer was completely resolved - not in remission - resolved. Meaning there were no cancer cells left in Jim's body.

        After Jim's  fantastic journey, other folks came forward seeking help with their "terminal" cancers. Their numbers grew rapidly. Soon, there wasn't enough time for Bill to continue aerospace consulting and work with folks who desperately needing help. A decision had to be made.

     When Bill asked his amazing Japanese wife, Emi ,what they should do, she simply replied - just like in the beautiful book The Ittle Prince, "We have touched it. We own it!"

      The choice had already been made.Bill walked away from a lucrative career in Aerospace so he and Emi  could help those in need. They founded Non-profit APeX Institute. Eleven years later they continue to eagerly help those who come to them......often for free........but with priceless rewards for APeX Institute .

       Recently, Paul S. of Atlanta, GA called to thank them as he was celebrating his tenth anniversary, totally resolved of his once terminal prostate cancer.  


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