APeX Dietary Supplement comes in 4 ounce bottles of Organic Direct Oxygen Infusion Concentrate. Mix with a gallon of quality water (not distilled). Drink four ounces from the mixed gallon first thing in the morning before eating, and another four ounce glass in late afternoon before dinner. Hold each sip in mouth for a full minute before swallowing.​                    

Two 4 Oz. Bottles

 (4 week supply)            $110.50

One 4 Oz. Bottle

 (2 week supply)            $60.50

APeX Institute is Registered in the State of Oregon as a Faith Based

Non-Profit - IRS EIN 26-2773980. All Donations are Tax Deductible.

Questions - Contact :  wpchastain@gmail.com -  (1) 503-757-8444.

Five 4 Oz. Bottles

 (10 Week Supply)


APeX Global  Ministries - Hope and Care for Those in Need

We are successfully using APeX against COVID-19 on the Navajo Nation. I intend to return to the Nation with a Not-For-Profit program that will potentially  eliminate COVID-19. 

Please click on the DONATE button and make a tax deductible donation in any amount to support our work eliminating COVID-19 across the NAVAJO NATION-- Thank you!