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                                  ​               Case Studies

(NOTE: This information was generated by individuals who volunteered to use APeX, and elected to send the data to APeX Institute without request or compensation. We have hundreds of  similar APeX volunteer stories in our data base.)

       Jim M. - Portland, Oregon, Stage IVA Lung Cancer

Jim had been subjected to intense radiation and chemo and was finally faced with “getting his affairs in order.” 

April 03, 2007; My cancer has been diagnosed as Type IIIC Lung cancer for which I have undergone 6 weeks of chemo therapy and a concurrent radiology series. 
 May 12, 2007;  Begin APeX
 June 21, 2007; Net results, in the lymph nodes between the lungs, the cancer has shrunk about half. 

 June 29, 2007;   Had a CAT scan. The results are encouraging. The lymph nodes have shrunk some more. They are now less than half of what they were before APeX treatment. The right lung has no new growth and the cancer that was there is now just black spots and very small.  My doctor says my blood work is absolutely perfect. Red and white count is spot on. And the other things they watch are right where they should be.
July 15, 2007;  I saw my Oncologist Friday; she’s very pleased about the progress. Still some scar tissue but that’s getting smaller. I
September 28, 2007; My last CT Scan showed NO sign of cancer. I asked my Dr. what stage the lung cancer was or is in, after all this treatment and so on. She told me it was gone, so I asked, “Is it in remission?” She said, “No, it’s gone. As in, not there anymore.  She mentioned that she is confused, that this is very rare for lung cancer, especially my type.


​      Paul. S., Atlanta, Georgia - Stage IV Prostate Cancer
 Paul S. was diagnosed with a PSA of 3,281, a Gleason of 4+5, multiple enlarged pelvic and abdominal lymph nodes suggestive of metastatic prostate cancer. Paul said he underwent a TRUS guided biopsy April 03, 2008 at which time he was noted to have a 40cc gland. Biopsy confirmed metastatic prostate cancer.

April 29, 2008 Endorectal MRI identified the known disease in the pelvic region as well as T2 signal suggesting extensive intraprostatic involvement and SV extension. His oncologist reported that, “Many would consider this incurable.” He told Paul to go home and get his affairs in order.
June 5, 2008;      Started APeX
Aug. 24, 2008;     Paul S. in for CT today in our office. Significant reduction in size of his nodes.
Oct. 29, 2008; PSA measured at 0.25, essentially resolved. No abnormal mass is seen.
Sep. , 2012, - Paul S. continues to have regular check-ups and shows no signs of his previous prostate cancer.

the cerebral hemispheres, but overall reduced enhancement surrounding the cerebellum, midbrain, and medulla.

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