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 Please Support Our African Children's Mobile Wellness Initiative

Without adequate healthcare, one in ten children in remote areas of Africa under the age of five will die from  curable diseases such as Malaria, Dengue Fever, Ebola, and Pneumonia.

Left untreated, these common diseases are not only deadly, they can mutate into anti-Biotic resistant Super-Bugs that can be carried to other  countries of the world and, according to the World Health Organization, cause a disastrous, untreatable global epidemic.


We have begun developing a unique healthcare concept that can slow, or even stop, the emergence of super-deadly anti-biotic resistant disease strains.

Mobile Children's Wellness Clinics will bring quality conventional healthcare where its needed most. This breakthrough program has been awarded the prestigious GuideStar Silver Medallion.


You can help bring this critical mission to life by making a donation below. Click on the XePA button to view the GuideStar Non-Profit Initiative :