Video:  Beverly Hills physician presents "APeX - Cutting Edge Cancer Treatment" at the  Cancer Control Society Convention in Los Angeles.

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    not intended to promote any product as  a treatment or cure for any disease or medical condition.

Case Histories transcribed from formal medical records generated by independent oncologists support  APeX Direct Oxygen Infusion Protocol.

Audio interview of William Chastain, Founder-Director of APeX Research Institute on Spectrum Radio, Canada - Battles and Victories of the APeX War.                

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Information presented here is in response to numerous personal and professional requests. It is

In response to numerous individual and professional requests, APeX is now internationally available to individuals and clinics.  Left click on "APeX" Button below for details.

Like a scene from a Science Fiction movie, tiny robots  travel inside a human body, finding and destroying disease cells with laser-like precision . Read how APeX has made Science Fiction into today's reality! 

Merck Drug Co. proved that hypoxia is a driver for the start and spread of many cancers, but they failed to discover an Anti-Hypoxia Cancer Drug.  Independent APeX Institute appears to have succeeded where drug giant Merck failed. 

APeX Cancer Research Institute. Direct Oxygen Infusion Disease Research

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Contact:    Direct phone: 503-757-8444

​​​​Remarkable APeX Sports performance Formula we simply call "Rocket Fuel!"

Left - APeX Research Institute Director Bill Chastain in the gym getting some serious APeX Fueled Mountain Bike Training ......  

​​​​​APeX Institute's game changing research is attracting serious attention with clinics across America. At left is a formal invitation to present the Science of APeX to the Advanced Oncological Congress in London.

APeX Disease Research Institute - Direct Oxygen Infusion Protocol

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