Americans spend $30 billion a year on pet health, including cancer. Sadly, most pets with cancer still die within a year. APeX for Pets is proving effective and inexpensive for pet cancers - with no adverse side effects.

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Dr. Oz warns that common woven surgical masks can't stop microscopic Coronavirus germs from getting through. APeX sprayers apply a uniform fine mist to the outside of any face mask to kill the airborne virus - without blocking airflow.

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  Actual Case Histories from  Official Oncologist Generated Medical Records

APeX is an organic dietary supplement containing oxygen delivery Nano-Clusters that are potentiated to seek out and neutralize hypoxic pathogen cells with powerful direct oxygen infusion at the cellular level - with no adverse effects.     

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No-holds-barred  story of the APeX journey with recorded death threats from Big Pharma, and an expose of money-grubbing Oregon Health and Sciences University, OHSU, their dismal cancer cure rate, and their body guard, the Oregon Dept. of Justice. 

Bill Chastain retired from Boeing after designing and building Boeing's Japan HQ overlooking the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. He first learned of the power of APeX while consulting at the Boeing plant in Portland where it soon became known as "God Stuff."

APeX Global Ministries - Hope and Care for Those in Need

Awarded GuideStar's Silver Medallion for our West African Mobile Children's Clinic Initiative. Our mobile clinics will deliver critical meds to remote areas to cure common diseases, which, left untreated, mutate into Anti-Biotic Resistant Super-Bugs.

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