APeX Global Ministries recently traveled to  the Navajo Nation in Arizona to deliver free APeX in a closely monitored  test against COVID-19.

Hard hitting no-holds-barred documentary of the APeX journey including the real reason there is no cancer cure now, or even in Big Pharma's pipeline.. 

Many diseases start and thrive in low oxygen (hypoxic) environments. APeX delivers Active Oxygen Molecules directly into oxygen starved micro-environments and can reduce or eliminate hypoxic conditions .    

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     APeX Global Ministries is Registered in  Oregon  State as a Religious Non-Profit.  

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Awarded GuideStar's Silver Medallion for our West African Mobile Children's Clinic Initiative. Our mobile clinics will deliver conventional meds to remote areas to cure common diseases, which, left untreated, can mutate into Antibiotic Resistant Super-Bugs.

Bill Chastain retired from Boeing as a  Strategic Analyst and started an aerospace consulting firm in Portland, OR. He was first introduced to the power of APeX while consulting at the Boeing plant in Portland,.

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DISCLAIMER - The main Internet listing for this Website erroneously states that APeX claims to kill cancer and other pathogen cells. We strongly refute that statement and point out that there is no content herein supporting such a claim.

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APeX is a Dietary Supplement that Contains No Chemicals or Pharmaceuticals - It Works By Delivering Active Oxygen Molecules Directly into the Hypoxic (Low Oxygen) Micro-Environment of Cancer and Disease Cells, Destroying Them Instantly.

Americans spend $30 billion a year on pet health. APeX for Pets  is now available.

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