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                Donate to Mobile African Clinic

We are building a mobile clinic to deliver APeX within Guinea  to help control diseases that kill 1 in 10 children below age 5.  Please donate so we can complete and operate this critical mission.  

​​​​"APeX - Cutting Edge Cancer Treatment." Hard hitting video detailing the power of APeX against a variety of Stage 4 cancers. Presented by a Beverly Hills oncologist at the prestigious Cancer Control Convention in Los Angeles.

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Learn more about the absolute power of APeX Oxygen Infusion. Orders of $100 or more qualify for a free phone consultation with Bill Chastain, APeX Founder-Director and author of the acclaimed book The APeX War, .

​​​​​APeX Institute Founder-Director Bill Chastain tells the complete story of the discovery and power of APeX Direct Oxygen Infusion Nanorobots, and how they  can hunt and kill cancer cells with laser-like precision.

A must read: The APeX War.

Research by Merck proves that hypoxia, or lack of oxygen, is a driver for the start and spread of cancer and other diseases, but after $100 million and 10 years of research, Merck failed in their attempt to duplicate the anti-hypoxia power of APeX.

​​​​APeX is a virtual Fountain of Youth  and helps make amazing recoveries - read how Emi Chastain overcame  a crippling spine injury and became a daring, seasoned aerial performer while on an APeX regimen.

APeX Institute is an Faith Based 501 (C) 3 Non-Profit, Oregon Registration Number 529190-90, EIN 26-2773980, IRS Non-profit 8068.  

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Review excerpts from actual Case Histories of some of our 500 late stage cancer study participants written by independent board certified oncologists.

Learn about Bill Chastain's Boeing back ground and motivation for founding APeX Disease Research in 2008, and the satisfaction he shares with his marvelous wife, Emi, to help so many in need  

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