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​​​​​​APeX Global Institute is truly global with Executive Partners in Puerto Rico, Guinea, Switzerland, South Africa, and ODIM in Guatemala (Organization for Development of Indigenous Mayans).

APeX Global Disease Research  Institute - Hope and Care for Those in Need

The APeX War - Bill Chastain's complete history of the discovery and journey of APeX - and the often risky effort to help folks just like you. (Read Case Histories ) 

​​​​APeX has also been called a Fountain of Youth  that helps with amazing recoveries - read the true story of how Emi Chastain overcame  a crippling spine injury and became a daring, seasoned aerial performer.

A PeX Global Disease Research Institute is a Group Affiliate of APeX Global Ministries, ​an Oregon Faith Based

Non-Profit, EIN 84-3856985. A Tax Exempt 501 (C) 3 application has been filed with the IRS.  APeX Global has been awarded the Guidestar Non-profit Silver Medallion for operational transparency. 

                                                                Phone: 1+ 503-757-8444   E-mail: 

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APeX has been awarded GuideStar's Silver Medallion for our West African Mobile Children's Clinic Initiative that will deliver critical healthcare to reduce child deaths from common diseases, which, if left untreated, can mutate into anti-biotic resistant  Super-Bugs.

APeX is an organic dietary supplement without chemicals or drugs. Oxygen carrying nano-clusters seek out hypoxic, or low oxygen, cancer and disease cells and destroy them with direct oxygen infusion with no adverse events.  (Check new lower prices!)

   APeX is an Oxygen Infusion Dietary Food Supplement that contains no chemicals,  minerals, or pharmaceuticals. 

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Founder-Director Bill Chastain is retired Boeing, experienced in managing complex projects - a perfect fit for APeX Global. Read how Bill's challenging background led him to APeX - Called God Stuff by many early cancer victors.

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