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APeX Institute was invited to present the game-changing science of APeX Focused Oxygen Infusion Protocol to the prestigious main stream 2018 International Cancer Treatment Conference in Oslo, Norway.

​​Watch this exciting video by a well known doctor who successfully tested APeX against cancer in his Beverly Hills Clinic.  The amazing results encouraged him to present his findings to the prestigious Cancer Control Convention.

Review actual Case Histories from redacted formal medical records generated by independent board certified oncologists.

Learn about Founder-Director Bill Chastain's aerospace background, his motivation for starting APeX Disease Research Institute in 2008, and  the joy he shares with his marvelous wife, Emi, to help so many in need.

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The Oregon Medal  was personally presented to APeX Institute by Secretary of State Dennis Richardson for our humanitarian efforts. 

With hypoxia identified as a primary driver for cancer and other diseases,  APeX Direct Oxygen Cellular Infusion  injects an overload of active oxygen molecules directly into  pathogencells, destroying them instantly. 

​​​Weaponized Nanorobots  travel inside the body, hunting and killing disease cells with laser-like precision. Science fiction? Maybe not. Read more about the power of APeX in our hard hitting book, The APeX War.

Research by Merck proves that hypoxia, or lack of oxygen, is a driver for the start and spread of cancer and other diseases, but after $100 million and 10 years of research, Merck failed in their attempt to duplicate the anti-hypoxia power of APeX.

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 APeX  Global Disease Research  Institute - Direct Oxygen Infusion 

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Many who view this website have GREATLY benefitted from APeX, or know someone who has. Please help us continue helping others by making a tax deductible donation to APeX Disease Research Institute, a Faith Based 501 (C) 3 Non-Profit, EIN 26-2773980, IRS Non-profit 8068, Member of  Guide Star.   

​​​​APeX is a virtual Fountain of Youth  and helps with amazing recoveries - read how Emi Chastain overcame  a crippling spine injury and became a daring, seasoned aerial performer while on an APeX regimen.