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APeX Institute is invited to present the game-changing science of APeX Focused Oxygen Infusion Protocol to the prestigious main stream 2018 International Cancer Treatment Conference in Oslo, Norway.

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Weaponized nanorobots  travel inside the body, hunting and killing disease cells with laser-like precision. Science fiction? Maybe not. Read more in our hard hitting book, The APeX War.

​​​​Read about APeX as a virtual Fountain of Youth,  and about an amazing recovery - how one person overcame  a crippling spine injury with dedication, hard work - and APeX.

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Here you can review actual Case Histories from redacted formal medical records written by independent board certified oncologists.

APeX Institute  Founder-Director Bill Chastain's background and motivation for helping others.

Research by German drug giant Merck proves that hypoxia, or lack of Oxygen, is a driver for the start and spread of cancer and other diseases-but after $100 million and 10 years of research, Merck's quest to make their own anti-hypoxia drug failed clinical trials and was abandoned.

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With Hypoxia identified as a driver for cancer and other diseases,  APeX Focused  Direct

Oxygen Infusion  delivers an overload of active oxygen molecules directly into  the pathogencell micro-environment. 

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APeX Research Institute is a 501 (C) 3 Non-Profit with the same fund raising credentials as Komen for the Cure. 

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But, we depend on small tax deductible donations from folks like you so we can continue helping those in need.  

   Non-Profit APeX Disease Research Institute was recently presented this medal by  Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson.

 APeX Research  Institute - Direct Oxygen Infusion 

Video:  Famous Beverly Hills physician presents "APeX - Cutting Edge Cancer Treatment" at the  Cancer Control Society Convention in Los Angeles.  (APeX Institute did not participate in making this video.)

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