​​​​APeX has also been called a Fountain of Youth  that helps with amazing recoveries - read the true story of how Emi Chastain overcame  a crippling spine injury and became a daring, seasoned aerial performer.

The APeX War - Bill Chastain's complete history of the discovery and journey of APeX - and the often risky effort to help folks just like you. (Read Case Histories ) 

APeX Organic Direct Oxygen Infusion contains no chemicals or drugs, Oxygen Molecules that seek out cancer and disease cells with laser like precision and destroy them with an overload of active oxygen molecules at the cellular level.  

APeX Global - Hope and Care for Those in Need!

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Founder-Director Bill Chastain is retired Boeing, experienced in managing complex projects - a perfect fit for APeX Global. Read how Bill's challenging background led him to APeX - Called God Stuff by many early recoveries.

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