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APeX Institute is invited to present the game-changing science of APeX Focused Oxygen Infusion Protocol to the prestigious main stream 2018 International Cancer Treatment Conference in Oslo, Norway.

Actual Case Histories from redacted formal medical records written by independent oncologists note the power of APeX Focused Oxygen Infusion Protocol.

APeX Institute  Founder-Director Bill Chastain's background and motivation for helping others.

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    Richardson for humanitarian work by Non-Profit APeX Global Disease Research Institute, Portland.

With Hypoxia identified as a trigger for cancer and many diseases,  APeX Focused  Direct

Oxygen Infusion  delivers an overload of active oxygen molecules directly into  cancer and disease cells to eliminate effects of hypoxia. 

Bill Chastain recently received this symbol of appreciation from Oregon Secretary of State, Dennis

Tiny robots  travel inside the body, hunting and killing disease cells with laser-like precision. Science fiction? Read how APeX can target individual disease cells with laser like precision.

Latest research shows that hypoxia, or lack of Oxygen, promotes the start and spread of cancer-but after $100 million and 10 years of research, Merck Drug's quest to make an APeX type anti-hypoxia drug failed clinical trials and was abandoned.

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 APeX Cancer Research  - Direct Oxygen Infusion Protocol 

​​​​Read about APeX as a virtual Fountain of Youth,  and about an amazing recovery - how one person overcame  a crippling spine injury with dedication, hard work - and APeX.

Video:  Famous Beverly Hills physician presents "APeX - Cutting Edge Cancer Treatment" at the  Cancer Control Society Convention in Los Angeles.

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