Direct Cellular Oxygen Infusion Research

APeX Global Research  Institute Direct Oxygen Infusion Protocol

       APeX Direct Oxygen Infusion Protocol was originally discovered by  intuitive genius, William D Branson, Sr. , a medical industry outsider, and perfected by his equally talented son, William D Branson, Jr. The basis for their amazing breakthrough is the valid hypothesis that the lack of oxygen, or hypoxia, is the key driver for the start and spread of many health issues, including cancer.

           APeX oxygen based research was recently validated when German drug giant Merck  announced to the world that they would soon introduce a similar oxygen based (anti-hypoxia) drug.  Below is the home page of Merck's website announcing introduction of this new APeX-like drug.

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          However, after ten years and $100 million, Merck was forced to admit defeat and abandon their efforts after their drug failed Phase 3 Clinical Trials. "While we believe there is overwhelming  data to support the role of oxygen in effective and safe cancer treatment, we have been deeply frustrated in our inability to reduce hypoxia at the cellular level in a meaningful way." 

            Why was Merck willing to  dump $100 Million and ten years of research into this project? Simple. Obscene profits.

        An anti-hypoxia drug effective against just two types of cancer, Advanced Pancreatic Cancer and Advanced Soft Tissue Sarcoma,  would be hugely profitable. Analysts said they had estimated annual peak sales of $468 million for Merck's trial drug’s use in soft tissue sarcoma and $936 million in pancreatic cancer.

            This is what Big Pharma would charge if we allow them to gain control of APeX Direct Oxygen Infusion Protocol. Keeping APeX out of the hands of companies like Merck is a large component of our book, The APeX War .

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