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​​      Based on our continued success with infectious diseases, authorities in Guinea have invited APeX Global Disease Research Institute to establish a mobile wellness mission and clinic to test for and treat Malaria, Dengue Fever, and Ebola.  

      A major Swiss Health Organization, Excel West Africa, has endorsed our organization for this critical humanitarian mission. We have documented well over ten years of successfully treating these same medical conditions on a smaller scale. 
      You can help launch and sustain  this critical effort by visiting our Home Page, clicking on the Guidestar Bronze Medallion to make a tax deductible donation in any amount.

                                                            Thank you!

                                                    CANCER 101     

      There are 189 separate cancers listed by the cancer industry. Each has its own place in the Big Pharma world of cancer research and the never ending quest for research funding - $200 billion and counting.  What has this insane amount of money bought for donors, tax payers, and most importantly, cancer patients? 

        Small incremental changes in survival rates and a few conditional "cures" - such as Novartis' Gleevec, but no "Silver Bullet" cure is available now - or in the drug research pipeline. As we point out very clearly in our hard hitting cancer industry expose, The APeX War, cancer drug companies seem to have no interest in a true cure - their Holy Grail is an expensive monthly regimen (Immunotherapy?) that keeps cancer patients alive for years, but not cured.

      Much to the dismay of Big Pharma, especially German drug giant Merck, APeX Direct Oxygen Infusion Protocol has proven to be an effective, inexpensive cancer treatment created outside of Big Pharma's research by rogue researchers from APeX Disease Research Institute, has been successfully tested for ten years in a carefully monitored Integrative Complementary and Alternative Medicine  (ICAM) study using only formal medical records generated by independent board certified oncologists as validation.   APeX is the real deal, and the recently enacted "Right to Choose" non-FDA approved therapies means that APeX can legally be requested. 


​                 APeX - Winning Battles for over Ten Years 

      Like a scene from a science fiction movie, an army of high tech weaponized nanorobots travels inside the human body, hunting disease and cancer cells, destroying them instantly. And, according to University of California Davis Cancer Center, such healing nanorobots may not just be science fiction, they could already be here!”

        And they are...…..  According to research by a world famous physicist, APeXautonomous nanorobots track down cancer and disease cells with laser-like precision and infuse them with an overload of active oxygen molecules, eliminating the hypoxic condition in which they thrive. Contrary to  old school thinking that a unique drug  is required for every type of cancer, APeX appears to work for many different types of cancers.

       Cancer drug giant Merck agrees with APeX Institute of Portland, Oregon that the lack of oxygen, or hypoxia, is the driver for the start and spread of many cancers. Merck was so convinced that an APeX type anti-hypoxia drug could be a universal cancer treatment they spent $100 million on research.  But, after ten years, their drug failed Clinical Trials and was abandoned. Merck publicly admitted this abject failure, stating, “We know oxygen can be an effective cancer therapy, but we’re deeply frustrated with our inability to reduce cancer cell hypoxia in a meaningful way.”

 ​      Since 2008, APeX Disease Research Institute has been successfully (and quietly)  reducing or eliminating cancer cell hypoxia. Our data base contains many independently documented APeX case studies in the form of redacted formal medical records generated by independent board certified oncologists that support these results, such as this one for Paul S., Stage 4 Prostate Cancer, alive, with no cancer after ten years. 



               "APeX Cutting Edge Cancer Treatment"      

Some of our first APeX victories, including Paul S., are covered in detail in this unsolicited and uncompensated video, "APeX Cutting Edge Cancer Treatment" by Dr. Schwartz, a Beverly Hills oncologist with  no professional or personal connection to APeX Institute. This amazing video was presented at the Cancer Control Convention in Los Angeles.


​      Other APeX success stories from hundreds of APeX cancer victors over the past ten years are supported by formal medical records generated by independent board certified oncologists, including over a hundred APeX friends in farming communities in and around Dexter, MO; the wife of the CEO of XCELL Hospital in Lausanne, Switzerland; a rice farmer in Texas; a very high ranking government official in Oregon; and a world famous astrophysicist. 

   ​​                                                                 The APeX War


      The amazing 4th Edition, APeX War - 264 hard hitting pages exposing the abject failure of Big Pharma along with the complete history of the APeX Team and the defiant development, application, and validation of APeX – It has been called the best book on the cause and cure of cancer available today -www.apex-uap.com,    $19.95 plus shipping.

                                              ​         MOVING FORWARD TODAY

       Our continued success with many types of late stage cancer has generated positive attention from the global medical community including formal invitations to present the remarkable science of APeX to two conventional international cancer diagnosis and advanced treatment conferences, London and Oslo.


                                               GLOBAL CANCER RESEARCH OUTREACH

       In addition to global cancer conference invitations, we are also partnering with major medical researchers around the world to further validate the efficacy of APeX, not only for cancer but for infectious diseases as well. 

    2019 will bring new challenges and opportunities including  a Strategic Partnership with XCELL Hospital  in Lausanne, Switzerland, a full-service healthcare facilitator bringing patients together with a medical service provider, usually a hospital, clinic, or rehabilitation center, and offers the highest quality health care services over a wide range of medical specialties.

       APeX Institute was introduced to XCELL by a Senior Executive after he credited APeX with resolving his wife’s thyroid cancer in 30 days. Future hospital plans include semi-formal clinical trials of APeX to be conducted by oncological staff with the intent of publishing Peer-Reviewed Research papers detailing the results of the trials. 



​          As presented in our last blog, we have 152 folks in Southeastern Missouri and in neighboring states who have requested APeX for their late stage cancers. Many inform us they are now doing quite well. A few have been informally documented by a local oncologist who has stated intent to write a formal paper on APeX to present to a national oncological journal. We would like to hear directly from other folks in and around the Dexter area who have had a positive experience with APeX, or know someone who has.  

​       Please send an email in confidence to wpchastain@gmail.com with a note about your positive experience so we may use it to encourage others. (Your identity will remain confidential) A local farmer who was resolved of his prostate cancer over a four month protocol has volunteered a portion of his property for use in our planned non-profit program to supply APeX at a greatly reduced cost to local residents. Others have proposed a series of benefits to raise funds to off-set APeX Institute operating costs for the Dexter program.



​                                                                     INTO THE FUTURE
       For ten years the APeX Research Team has been advised to work quietly in the background because of serious concerns carefully documented in, The APeX War - Pages 147-162, including a nail-biter formal investigation by the Oregon State Department of Justice that completely cleared APeX Institute of any wrong doing.

       For 2019 the APeX Team is going mainstream, openly declaring an APeX War against cancer as presented in the book, setting the stage for anyone with cancer, even in hospice, to have access to APeX Cellular Oxygen Infusion Protocol at an affordable price - even without healthcare or medical insurance.

       We're willing to take the risk, but we can't do it alone. We need your help, professionally, socially, and financially as we continue to move forward to continue to reduce the cancer body count. Please consider making a tax deductible donation in any amount by left clicking on the DONATE button below (You do not need a PayPal account to use the PayPal DONATE button, any valid debit or credit card will work. Those who will be helped by your donation thank you in advance.

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